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Christmas Parol

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Product Overview

PAROLS are ornamental star-like Christmas lanterns from the Philippines. They are traditionally made out of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes, shapes and designs, however its star-shape facade remains dominant. Its shape is said to be inspired by the star on the Nativity of Jesus that guided the Magi to the manger. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the Filipinos' hope and goodwill during the Christmas season.
  • Cross Stitch Pattern: Christmas Parol
  • Designed by: PinoyStitch
  • Colors: 9
  • Stitches: 55 x 63
  • Sizes:*
  • 14 count 4 w x 5 h Inches
  • 16 count 3 w x 4 h Inches
  • 18 count 3 w x 4 h Inches
  • 21 count 3 w x 3 h Inches

*Pattern sizes do not include margins. Ideally you should add 2" on all sides.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review