How To Use our Patterns

How to Read or Use our Patterns

This tutorial is mainly for the larger charts or patterns which span several pages. These charts are very easy to follow. There are numerical guides on the top and left hand side of each page and all you need to do is follow the number sequence.

When you look at the top of each page, it is numbered from left to right starting from 10. You will also see the same numbering sequence on the left hand side of the pattern from top to bottom.


The number on the top right portion of the page, means the pattern is continued on that page number.


At the bottom of the page, you will see two numbers. The number to the left hand side tells you which page number is next to continue the pattern downwards. The number to the right tells you which page number is next to continue the pattern to the right.


The dark shade you see in some pages is an overlap to guide you on the stitches that were on the previous page.pattern005.jpg


 There is an arrow on the lefthand side to indicate the center of each pattern.


Still confused? It is easier to see the whole picture if you print the pattern out and lay them on the floor following the sequence of numbers going to the right and going down. If you still need help understanding our patterns, please do not hesitate to contact us.