Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted by Pinoy Stitch on Nov 5th 2019

Ever heard of Ugly Christmas sweaters? Of course you have! These are the gaudy, ugly, overly adorned Christmas sweaters that pop up during the holidays and becomes topic during family and office parties. Ugly Christmas sweaters have become so popular in the past years that now a days, a party is being held in its honor and the most Ugly Christmas sweater gets a winning prize!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Minis 1

                                   Ugly Christmas Sweater 1

I started designing these Ugly Christmas sweaters with just 6 graphics to work on. But as the work progressed and I increasingly enjoyed adding all sorts of trims on the sweater, this project ballooned into 18 different Ugly Christmas Sweater cross stitch patterns!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Minis 2


Each sweater is just 44 x 41 stitch count which makes it the ideal size to fit into a 4" ornament hoop. You can also use these as Christmas card inserts. Stack it one on top of each other and you can even design your own bell pull! Use metallic or silver thread as substitute for the gold DMC thread and you add sparkle to the design. The sky is the limit with creating your own unique Ugly Christmas Sweater mini projects.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Minis 3


Once you get addicted stitching these fun project you may not want to stop and keep on stitching them! The ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater, all 18 designs of them are available if you just want all the sweaters to stitch! Send us your stitched cross stitch Ugly Christmas sweater project and we will post it at our website for all to see!

Happy Stitching everyone!