Fun Magnetic Sewing Needle Cases Get to the Point

Fun Magnetic Sewing Needle Cases Get to the Point

Posted by Pinoy Stitch on Nov 5th 2019

Fun Sewing Needle Cases Get To The Point

It’s true. You can look as sharp as some of your cross stitch work with these nifty, neat and handy little needle cases. Here’s why:

1 – They Match Your Magnetic Personality

Sure, there’s some funky pop art design work on the outside of these cases. But what really sticks it to sewing needles is the Rare Earth magnet that sits in the bottom of each case. The magnet, which is super strong and very powerful, is not attached so you can place it where you need it to be. Once you unleash your sewing needle collection on it, they will stay put and ready for when you need one.

2 – Poke Fun At Your Friends With It

Okay, what we mean here is that the compact size of these sewing needle cases allows them to go in places that the bulky ones can’t. You can fit one of these in your purse, handbag, back pocket, fanny pack or wherever you have to have it to allow for quick and easy access should a sudden cross stitch emergency develop and you happen to be on the scene.

3 – You Can Give It The Slide ‘n’ Click

We made that up. Well, partly. The sewing needle case has a cover that keeps everything secure – although the Rare Earth magnet does the bulk of the work – and its way too easy to use. The cover is designed to close with a – wait for it – slide ‘n’ click motion. You could do it with one hand if you practiced long enough. Opening it is the opposite.

4 – It’s Got A Ton Of Personality

We’d be lying if we said this was your ordinary magnetic sewing needle case. That’s because it isn’t. The glossy graphics that decorate the outer shell give it a distinctive look that makes it far more than just another needle case. Plus, and this is where it gets a bit on the scientific side, the design makes this more than a needle minder. It is your mini needle tool box.

5 – Makes A Great Gift Idea

Measuring just 3 inches long by 1 ¼ inches wide and 3/8 inches deep, this handy little magnetic sewing needle case is the perfect size for gift giving. Need a stocking stuffer idea for that crafter on your shopping list? How about a ‘thank you’ gift for someone special in your life? With this needle case you can take a stab at saying how much you appreciate someone without coming across as needling them.

Why Use A Needle Cushion Anymore?

Exactly! With our innovative approach to keeping your needles at hand – and finding a cool new way to use Rare Earth magnets – you can’t go wrong. Well, at the very least you won’t lose your needles. All you have to do is order as many of these as you need and you’ve got it pinned down!

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